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Letter: Shortage of water in Balochistan

There is no denying the fact, water is very essential for living organisms. As, all and sundry needs water for survival but unfortunately, the dearth of water has become a big  issue for the people of Balochistan. Though Balochistan is full of natural resources like, gold, copper, marble and gas yet the masses are thirsty for a drop of water. According to Pakistan Council For Research in Water Resources (PCRWP) 47% people do not have access to safe drinking water in Balochistan. On the other hand, the citizens of the mentioned province especially, Gawader,

Lasbela and Quetta are compelled to  buy water from tanker mafia which is really tough for them to buy water at high fact, the people are compelled to drink unhealthy and insecure water which results fatal diseases. As, according to the report of World Health organisation at least 3.4 million people die each year of waterborne diseases such as, typhoid, malaria and many others. Further, it is fair to add that, in today’s twenty first century, in many parts of Balochistan women and children walk ten to eleven kilometers on average carrying buckets on their heads in search of water.

Finally, the incumbent government is requested to have some bold steps and build dams for the eradication of this formidable challenge which is ramping up in the province.

Waseem Nood

 Published in The Balochistan Point on February 10, 2019

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