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Letter: Vanishing greenery

Trees are jugs of the earth as they have humorous advantages. They provide us the oxygen, the biggest source to be alive and taken in carbon dioxide gas that we exhale; unfortunately, the phenomenon of cutting down trees for building houses, firewood and other purpose.

Thousand of trees are cut down on daily basis which is one of the main reasons for disturbing the whole ecosystem. As a result of our carelessness, this has increased the temperature of the planet earth, thus destroying the environment and increasing pollution. The tree cover is decreasing at an alarming rate which raises the spread of fatal diseases like, asthma, cancer, typhoid, malaria and so on.

Green house effects and global warming can easily be minimized through proper plantation. Hence, it is the responsibility of all citizens and government to launch environmental awareness campaigns to plant more and more trees for the protection of the planet.

Ateeq Shay Gulab

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 24, 2016

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