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Poor Health Sector in Balochistan

By: Kabeer Elahi

As the health is very important sector of any state. It is the great blessing of Allah Almighty. It is mandatory upon government to provide health facilities to its citizens irrespective of color, race, religion & language. Constitutionally good health is public’s first priority, as written in the Constitution of Pakistan in (eighteenth amendment) act, 2010 promulgated on 19 April 2010.

Health sector is managed by Federal ministry and provincial health ministry of respective provinces. Unfortunately in Balochistan masses have numerous problems regarding health sector. There is no good mechanism of hospitals. There is lack of facilities which are required to be amended. There is shortage of modern machineries in hospitals. Public is facing lots of difficulties specially the poor families for treatment of their patients. In Government hospitals there is deficiency of trained doctors and paramedical staff and there is no such praising nursing services and in the hospitals there is shortage of required drugs on the time and modern surgical equipment.

Beside these all several other troubles are being faced. Patients are in worst and miserable condition during treatment. Most of the time doctors are not available at hospitals. In government hospitals the managing systems is all futile. There is lack of good discipline for cleaning. Rather than the patients be cured they suffer in other many diseases due to the odor of garbage and dirt in the hospitals.

Doctors have their own private clinics and laboratories as part time business. Mostly Government hospital doctors sit on their private clinics just for earning money and for business purpose. The poor people can’t afford the charges and fees of private hospitals. Their last hope is the Government hospitals but the deteriorating Government hospitals condition can be seen.

Many patients or families belonging to the rural areas of Balochistan face plenty of difficulties. Firstly, in many areas there is no hospitals, and not a good transport facility to reach the city hospitals well in time. If in any area, there is any hospital they lack the availability of trained doctors and paramedical staff and lack of drugs too.

Health sector requires much focus. There are some departments belonging to health sector like (BHU), Basic Health Unit, and (RHU) Rural Health Unit which are under the management of People’s Primary Health Initiative (PPHI). Through this PPHI, many amendments have been seen. In the regime of Pervez Musharaf, he announced 20 million for health sector, 3750 million for women health project provided at health department.

In Balochistan unfortunately there is only one medical college, Bolan Medical College (BMC) at the Capital city Quetta which is not enough to produce trained doctors and nursing services for this huge population. There must be 3 to 4 medical colleges in Balochistan. BMC itself lacks many amenities. The MRI machines have not been functioning for last five years. In emergency cases mostly the trouble is faced that is the lack of ambulances and stretchers and beds for patients. Khuzdar being the 2nd largest city of Balochistan, there is no ambulance here and not a proper remedies for emergency cases.

Government should work on health sector on emergency basis. Health sector budget must be raised for Balochistan. The Public sector hospitals must be facilitated all the amenities which are in lack. There should be trained medical staff available all the time in Government hospitals. There are many unlicensed clinics & labs such clinics and Laboratories must be closed. If the Government hospitals are prioritized or facilitated then there is no need of private hospitals because poor people cannot afford the charges and fees of private hospitals.

The Government of Balochistan needs to launch long term plans on health sector and ensure implementation of previously announced projects & proper utilization of funds to improve the health sector in the natural rich province.

The writer is a student of Government boys Degree College, Khuzdar

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 21, 2017


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.

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