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8 Soldiers Of Iran Killed Near Balochistan Border

Tehran – 8 soldiers of Iran have been killed near Balochistan border, according to reports of IRNA news agency on Tuesday. According to sources of IRNA, Iranian soldiers were allegedly killed by armed men who had entered Iran from Pakistan. “Armed terrorists entered Iran from Pakistan and clashed with border guards, killing eight soldiers before fleeing back to Pakistan,” Ali ...

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Pakistani Military Adventure In Yemen Would Affect Balochistan

Himayat Ullah Dostain Pakistan is intending to join the Yemen war and this would create more instability for Pakistan. The domestic situation in Pakistan is instable due to operation against Taliban, huge military presence in North West and border clashes with India. Still Pakistan is supposed to protect the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. It’s alleged that Iran is supporting the Houthi ...

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A Memorable Visit Of Iran

Sami Parvez On 11th February, I met with my brother Irfan Obaid to bid him farewell before embarking on my journey to Iran. I started my journey towards Iran in a rented car which I shared with another passenger. My fellow passenger was an Iranian citizen who was returning back to his hometown after conducting some official business in Pakistan. ...

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