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Why Are Baloch Always The Problem?

Imran Baloch When subcontinent was partitioned in 1947 and Pakistan came into being, since then there has always been a problem between Pakistan’s central government and Baloch. Rulers of Pakistan, whether civilian or military have always termed Baloch as the source of problem. Why are Baloch always the Problem? The answer of this question can be deduced by analysing what ...

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Implementation Of 18th Amendment Is Must For Viability Of Pakistan

Mahmood Tareen To hope and look for a brighter and prosperous future of Pakistan it is critically vital to determine the historical happenings that led to the establishment of Pakistan. Historical happenings determine the future as narrated by Confucius: “Study the past if you would define the future.” Historically Pakistan has never been a devolved and decentralized state. It emerged ...

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Dominance of Punjab

Bahram Sayad It is generally believed that Pakistan has four provinces, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP). However, if we take a closer look at the state of affairs prevalent in the country, we can say with considerable certainty that Pakistan is dominated by one of its provinces; Punjab. When we compare Punjab with other three provinces, then we can ...

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The Myth of Balochistan’s Provincial Autonomy

Adnan Aamir Provincial autonomy has been a source of tension between provinces and the federal government ever since 1973. This issue was resolved with the 18th amendment that was passed by the Parliament in 2010. Now provinces have a reasonable degree of autonomy in theory. But do they have the same level of autonomy in practice? The answer is a ...

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Myth of Kalabagh Dam

Adnan Aamir Kalabagh dam is a regularly debated issue in political landscape of Pakistan. It often comes under discussion and that’s followed by intense debate for and against its construction. Recently this issue was once again brought in limelight when Imran Khan announced to support construction of Kalabagh dam. Although, He later on backtracked from his statement and said that ...

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