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The Mortal Highway of Balochistan

 By: Hassam Bezinjo  

The N-25 or National Highway 25 is an 813 km national highway which extends along from Karachi (Sindh) to Chaman in Balochistan. The Highway was constructed during governance of of Sardar AttaUllah Mengal as a chief minister of Balochistan. The National Highway was previously known as the Regional Cooperation for Development Highway (RCD Highway). Along with Highway, which is now turned to as the mortal Highway of Balochistan. 

In addition, it is the only Highway which links Balochistan with Iran and Afghanistan. It also links Balochistan to Sindh. But traveling on this road has proved that it is dangerous and lethal Highway of Balochistan. According to some news bureau this lethal Highway every year causes deaths about 6000 people by accidents. Even long march was organized by several non-Governmental organizations by foot from Quetta to Karachi. In Contrast, no seriousness and action was found in NHA and Government. The remains of broken roads that have been constructed ages ago still serve as Highways for people of Balochistan.

The broken roads and single-lane Highways are leading causes of casualties in Balochistan. According to some reports Balochistan has suffered more from road accidents than terrorism. The single lane from Karachi to Quetta is no less than a death trap. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Data on Traffic an average of 15 people die every day in Pakistan out of which approximately some of seven die in Balochistan. This results in regular traffic congestions and accidents. Quetta Karachi Highway must be entirely convert into multi-lane route to ensure a smoother and safer flow of traffic. 

In conclusion, Quetta Karachi is the second largest Highway of Pakistan. It must not be ignored to revolutionize.  This is the responsibility of government and NHA to revolute this narrow Highway to avoid accidents. It must be re-constructed by Multi-lane route Highway as soon as possible. 

Published in The Balochistan Point January 4, 2021

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