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Transporter’s Strike: Traffic system in Quetta disrupted

Quetta – Transporters of Quetta blocked Sariab road Quetta by parking 6 coaches on main road which disrupted the traffic of the entire city, on Monday.

Transporters were protesting against shifting of bus stands to Hazar Gunji which is located in outskirts of Quetta.

Government of Balochistan forcefully started shifting of bus stands to Hazar Gunji which triggered the transporter’s protests.

Transporters blocked the Sariab road Near Jam Ghulam Qadir flyover and also burned tires. Commuter had to go through a lot of inconvenience and mental torture as a result of the closure of the roads.

Protestors burning Tyre

Protestors burning Tyre

“Balochistan government is shifting all bus stands out of Quetta city in Hazar Gunji which lacks basic facilities,” a Transporter told The Balochistan Point. “Along with transporters passengers will also suffer a great deal of misery if Bus stands are shifted to Hazar Gunji,” added the transporter.

“Dr. Malik and his government have no regard for the comfort of common people whatsoever and that’s why they are forcefully shifting bus stands to Hazar Gunji,” a commuter who was struck in traffic jam for two hours during the day, told The Balochistan Point.

The Balochistan Point has argued in its one of editorials that Balochistan government should avoid shifting of Bus stands to Hazar Gunji as it would cause inconvenience for the passengers.

“Security personnel are not safe in Hazar Gunji how can the passengers be safe there,” questioned Mr. Abdul Qadir Raisani, leader of transportation association. He further alleged that a minister of Balochistan government wants to increase the value of his lands by shifting bus stands to Hazar Gunji.

Transport association announced to block National Highways of Balochistan on Wednesday in order to continue their protests against, what they term, a self-serving decision of Balochistan government.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on April 21, 2015

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