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Power outrage in Kalat

Sir: Availability of electricity in our daily life plays a vital role. No doubt, due to its significant role we have become dependent on it but the load shedding creates number of difficulties to do our responsibilities in daily life. The load shedding in Kalat has become a vexing issue these days .For number of days and weeks we face ...

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Journalism:A dangerous profession

  Sir: Journalists are the one who are always fighting for human rights, who don’t think for their lives. Journalists want to bring peace in the country and never think of their own safety. They are playing their role for the brightness of country, but it is heartening to say that journalists are being target killing and there is no ...

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Target killing in Karachi

Sir: Target killing in Karachi is becoming increasingly rampant. Owing to target killing and violence, people find no place for protection. It has now become the fate of the residents of Karachi to bear terror and target killing. Police and forces fail to find the killers and bring them to justice. Furthermore, this has been happening since 1985. Now killers ...

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Early child marriage early death

Sir: We observe that in Balochistan parents make their children marry their children in early age before 18 years whether that is male or female.Furthermore, a few days before in a small village near Turbat known as Herronk, 15 year old child committed suicide after his marriage. Moreover, the small child didn’t willingly marry, but the boy was extremely forced ...

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Use of Face book

  Sir: Face book is easiest way to communicate with other people and share the things which can bring great revolution in Balochistan. As a facebook user  I want to suggest my Baloch youth who are using the Facebook that they should use it as tool for informative revolution, where they can inscribe or manifest something about the Baloch rights, ...

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