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Reformation needed

Sir: I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the inefficiency of PTCL in Kalat district, where the people are deprived of access to internet. The connections are limited in the urban areas of the city, even the vicinity of the city is suffering by this problem.

Now-a-days Internet is mean of getting data throughout the world which is possible by a PTCL connection in small cities. The wireless connections are not available in our city, so thing which is required is a “PTCL connection”.

The officers say that the wires of telephone have been cut-off in the suburb of the city and funds have not been allocated for this purpose.

Unfortunately, concerning officers have never surveyed to the area for a decade and the government has not financed for the repairing of defects.

It is hoped that the new government will allocate funds for reformation of the connections in this district, so that the approach to the internet be possible in the entire city.

Faheem Naseem, Kalat

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