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Letter: A sub campus of BUITEMS should be for Kalat

It is a  plea to the government of Pakistan and concerned authorities to establish a sub campus of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences  in Kalat  district. Because education is a fundamental right which is quite an essential part of life. The success behind every nation is just education . Similarly, from a long period there is a dearth of universities in Kalat.  Due to that students had to go throw other areas to continue their higher studies . Like Quetta , Khuzdar  and other areas of Balochistan or country. Whereas, having financial Issues there are thousands of the students deprived of higher education who cannot  move to the other areas to continue their education.  They are unable to  fulfil the hostel rents and institution’s fees . 

The Sub campus of BUITEMS is a big opportunity for the students of Kalat . Through that students can introduce new and modern colors while growing education more systematically.  Finally, I request the government to establish the sub campus of BUITEMS for Kalat. 

Amir Baloch, Kalat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 24, 2021 

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