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Letter: Balochistan needs universities 

In my last study college tour I visited three famous universities of Pakistan including Quiad-e-Azim University, International Islamic University and Punjab University.  I was too much impressed with these universities and their educational system.

Now I raise the questions to the government and education department of Balochistan that why Balochistan is lacking such universities? Why Baloch students are deprived of quality education system? Though Balochistan is full of natural resources but the funds are not being used for the education system. Many Baloch students have gone to the University of other Provinces and my own self has desired to get higher education in these universities.

This is the main reason that the education system in Balochistan is moving toward backwardness. Around six universities are present but they are not providing quality education to the students and facing several problems without having good management. If we compare Turbat University with above mentioned three universities then we see a huge difference in their quality, area and approaches of teaching.

 I request the education department to establish special universities in Balochistan and make the education system better so that Baloch should not be compelled to read in other provinces.

Sana Samad 


Published in The Balochistan Point on March 2, 2017

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