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Letter: Cancer Hospital is needed in Balochistan

  The widely known fatal disease “cancer” is rapidly spreading in Balochistan on large scale. Recently, this fatal disease claimed many precious lives in different parts of Balochistan silently.

Balochistan which is known as rich in natural resources and the biggest province of Pakistan in in terms of area  yet it is deprived of health facilities.

In recent time we have lost many talented and energetic youngsters both male and female victimized by blood cancer. i. e. Rehan Rind, Sheh Mureed, Syad Faraz Shah and Noor BiBi. They fought against caner but finally they lost the battle against cancer.

As far as the assistance of Balochistan government is concerned, the government did not provide them financial assistance in their treatment.

It is worth to mention that there are also other hundreds of patients admitted in different hospitals are in dire need of financial assistance. it has been observed that through social media, they have appealed for help from chief minister and other philanthropists.

If government of Baluchistan ignores them like other victims who were ignored and lost the battle against cancer, they would also lose their precious lives.

Keeping in view the spread of cancer in such a poverty stricken province, the CM of Balochistan Sana Ullah Zehri and other all MPAs and MNAs of Balochistan are requested to come forward for the help of cancer patients belonging to different districts of Balochistan to save precious lives from this fatal disease.

Besides, we also appeal the government of Balochistan and other international health non-governmental organizations to take initiatives to establish a cancer hospital in the province so that we could fight against cancer  and  launch awareness campaigns about spreading of cancer in Balochistan.

 Zakria Baloch, Khuzdar.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 3, 2017

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