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Letter: Cancer Hospital Needed in Balochistan

Baluchistan is the richest province when it comes to the natural resources that it possesses. But, unluckily, from health to education and to other socio-economic related needs it has invariably been deprived of such requisites.

Ruefully, for the last one and a half decade the number of cancer-related disease (such as, blood cancer, skin or mouth cancer etc.) are occurring at an alarming pace in the different areas of the province and the Government has neither paid attention to investigate the factors behind such diseases nor have they met the needs of the ill-fated patients.

Not to forget that there is only one Cancer hospital in Quetta (CENAR) but unluckily that too lacks equipments, modern technology, professional doctors and is utterly ineligible to be called a cancer hospital. Thus leaving the patients on the mercy of private hospitals in other provinces, where they cannot mostly afford millions of rupees.

So, it is highly requested to federal and provincial governments to either build a new hospital at the modern standards or upgrade the CENAR hospital. In addition to this, a medico-scientific research should be conducted to find the real causes behind these monstrous diseases.

Zafar Musyani

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 19, 2016

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