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Letter: Khuzdar Medical College

The desire to do MBBS for a student pertaining to Balochistan is far beyond the approach and mostly a distant dream. Because, only around 158 candidates (according to the admission ratio of BMC) from tens of thousands of candidates throughout the province can fulfill their dreams annually and the rest of the others’ dreams don’t come true. The reason behind is, obviously, the inadequate number of medical institutions in the province. There is only one BMC Quetta to foster the medical students in the province. Unluckily, which itself is crying due to the negligence of our authorities concerned.

In order to meet the needs of medical education in the province, the Balochistan Government announced some Medical Colleges in the Province and Khuzdar Medical College is one of them. This was supposed to be inaugurated in 2013. Ironically, the tall claims of our stakeholders went in vain and even though the completion of the building is yet to be seen.

So, the Chief Minister Balochistan and related officials are requested to take immediate measures to complete its building, announce its staff and start the classes at the campus at earliest.

Zafar Musyani, Khuzdar

Published in The Balochistan Pointy on November 18, 2016

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