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Letter: Cheating trend in Balochistan

Cheating has become one of the main problems in education sector in Balochistan. It is clear to all that Balochistan is the most backward province of Pakistan where education ratio is too low. The people of Balochistan are totally illiterate since cheating is too much common in Balochistan. Everyone in the province has BA and degree but are disable to read and write a single word.

In fact, none of the parts in Balochistan has been left where the cheating culture is rooted out. The complete province has been affected by the cheating virus. Whither it is primary school, high school or college the complete colleges and schools in Balochistan are victim of the mentioned issue. As reason, from Balochistan we do not see anyone passed CSS or FPSC leave some flesh ones who study in private sectors in the other provinces of Pakistan. Ultimately, I request the Balochistan government and federal also to take strong steps to root out the cheating culture from Balochsitan as soon as it is possible because it is already too late.

 Adnan Yar Muhammad, Turbat.

 Published in The Balochistan Point on March 12, 2017


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