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Letter: Child labor in Balochistan

Child labor is known as one of the common issues in all Balochistan.  In Balochistan mostly children are working at construction sites, Coalmines, garbage collector and automobiles workshop. It affect the children mentally, physically, morally and socially which includes some serious issues such as sale and trafficking of children.

According to a report of ILO that recently in 2013 more than 500 children were found working in Coalmines in Loralai district and Society for Human Resources (SEHR) reported that nearly 10,000 child laborers are present in Quetta.

If a children would be the victim of child labor then it would be a huge lose for the education of the children and approximately 2.3 million children out of 3.6 million children are deprived of going school  and they are working in garages forcibly by their elders.

In Balochistan most of the parents are uneducated and their focus is on earning money. So they only think that money is everything and they do not give importance to the education. Furthermore, most of the parents cannot bear the expensive fee and other requirements which are necessary for the school such as uniforms, books, bags, shoes, and many more. Then they are compelled to send their children for working.

The provincial government is not paying any attention to this issue and it is a big fact that laws are not being followed to eradicate child labor The government should make efforts to reduce child labor in Balochistan.

 Mehraj Altaf

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 21, 2017

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