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Letter: Corporal punishment in schools

It is painful to mention that a student of class three died just due to corporal punishment by his teacher. According to the news report, a ten year boy student of Government Primary in Shah Baig village of Nasirabad district was beaten repeatedly by the teacher just over some mistakes.

Students are in the learning process, so they do mistakes, but beating children in such way is not the way to understand the student. Corporal punishment is a crime which is against the rights of children who are willing to read in the government schools. Last year, the Pakistan government took an action to resolve this problem as the corporal punishment bill 2016 was launched and prepared for the teachers who would be consider a criminal by trying the corporal punishment.

The recent case shows that the bill is not being followed by the teachers as they have created their own rules in the schools. This is the right time for the government to take serious actions against these teachers who apply corporal punishment in the schools. The well qualified teachers should be brought in the schools that can create friendly learning atmosphere in the government schools.

Sana Samad,Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 30, 2017

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