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Letter: Water crisis in Gwadar

Gwadar is a coastal area of Pakistan, in Gwadar a big project is launched which is known as (CPEC) China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The land of Gwadar district is (15216 Sq. Km) but the main issue is that there is crisis of water.

Due to lack of water people in Gwadar are suffering. The crisis of water has come to this level that people have started to steal   water.

Recently the prime minister of Pakistan visited Gwadar for launching CPEC but he did not take any action for this hurdle which is being faced by the citizens, the hurdle of water in Gwadar is deteriorating.

One of the solutions is transportation of water from another city but it is not a good choice another solution is the filtration of sea water which can be a brilliant idea but government has not taken this action.

In this context I just want to plead the Government of Balochistan to take a solid action about crisis of water in Gawadar in order that the citizens of Gwadar should live a prosperous life.

Tahira Shaukat


Published in the Balochistan Point on January 23, 2017


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