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Letter: Lack of University in Kalat District

The lack of University in Kalat has become a grave threat to all educated people in Kalat and the students. As it has been seen that after graduation students face numerous hardships for getting higher education. Because some students do not have permissions to go out of the city for higher education and some cannot afford high expenditures of education in other cities and universities.  In This way, some 20% students are able enough to go other cities for education and 80% students are deprived of educational rights. They have ability in education but they do not have opportunity to show their talent.

The government of Pakistan and other concerned authorities are requested to focus at this alarming issue in Kalat district so that the poor and unprivileged people have a chance to get higher education.

Khadija Ramzan, Kalat

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 16, 2021

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