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 Letter: Need for Cleanliness

Shortage of sanitation within this country, Pakistan, is a dominant problem. Littering the country with junk substances results in crucial factors which wreak havoc on its people and surroundings.

We see right and left across the country conspicuously the sanitation system is almost equivalent to unavailability. People throw their household junks along with every rubbish substance carelessly around their houses owing to the absence of sanitation. Needless to say, the most parts of the cities and communities have shaped with trashes and garbage. However, such phenomenon brings about not only ruin in the beauty of environment but also cause acute diseases around people. Indeed, if there were adequate sanitation or trash-cans and garbage-trucks all over, there would probably not exist such conditions.

Accordingly, to avoid such unpleasant conditions, government should take steps for the maintenance of cleanliness of the country.

Behzad Dilawari, Panjgur.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 8, 2019


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