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Letter: Save Tahira

Tahira, young girl from Kalat has been diagnosed with cancer; unluckily, for a patient, from Balochistan due to extreme poverty to cope with this monster is a wish never to be achieved. But, as we have seen in the last couple of cases, from Hajira, Shehmureed, Rehan to most recent case of Nusrat that a dozens of volunteers who came forth to run campaigns that helped her family achieve the required amount of money for her treatment.

So, this time it is again a time of taste for those volunteers, civil society, and most preferably the well-to-do personalities of Balochistan whether they save this soul or shut their eyes and let the humanity die as that happened with Waleed a young guy from Khuzdar; he passed away while suffering from blood cancer.

No matter if we have a government that has turned deaf to the hue and cries of public. Yet, the civil society members never do away with the process of building a pressure to compel them to take measures. And, simultaneously it is imperative to meet the needs of these patients on our own and let not the effected families remain helpless under this sky.

In short, it has already been too late. So, while imploring the stakeholders, volunteers should again now come forth to save Tahira by running campaigns at different university campuses, schools, colleges and cities.

May Tahira not meet the fate that Rehan and Waleed did due to our laziness and callousness.

Zafar Musyani, Khuzdar

Published in The Balochistan Pointy on November 24, 2016

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