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Letter: Lack of facilities at MRDL Saindak project school

Saindak is famous for its gold and copper deposits publically. It is worth mentioning that MRDL Company had received a profit of 83 Crore 40 lac dollars within a five year through Saindak discovered production. But,unluckily the project school was completely overlooked and ignored.

it is matter of great sorrow to see the innocent children taking paper in the open sky. Certainly, the Saindak temperature has been reported -10 centigrade, deeply saddened by the senseless authorities Of MRDL Company. They are really turning a blind eye and deaf ear to such a grave condition.

The said students cannot write their papers due to intensity of cold weather, because the cool breeze often blows in full swing at Saindak. Many students suffer from fever and cold cough due to not having the facilities of heater in the class rooms. Furthermore, the said school does not possess a sophisticated examination hall where the students could take exam. Despite, a notice issued by EDO Chaghai, the project didn’t provide an examination hall and science lab as per board requirements. Subsequently, they may cancel the recognition of MRDL School if the above condition is not fulfilled.

Concerning the issue, the principal of school submitted multiple application to the MRDL company but all in vain. Once the project claimed that they would construct an examination hall but their tall claims evaporated in the air. None of the local elite and concerned officers visited the school. Media neither gave slight coverage nor highlighted any problem of the school or area. Media is not allowed to enter Saindak town to highlight the issue.

The residents of the area have requested the MRDL Director Raziq Sanjrani to facilitate the school with the above mentioned facilities.

Naeem Baloch, Saindak

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 24, 2016

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