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Letter: The problem of increasing accidents on National Highway in Khuzdar

Through the esteemed column of your Newspaper I would like to draw the kind attention of the all people and concerned authority towards the growing problem of National Highway incidents in Khuzdar.

The N-25 National Highway or RCD Highway was constructed under a treaty between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It connects Balochistan with a number of provinces and cities in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It is 813 km long, passing through Karachi, Bela, Khuzdar, Kalat, Quetta,Chamman and continuing into Afghanistan. It then Joins N-40(National Highway 40 Quetta – Taftan International Border circuit) which leads it via Naukandi to Road 84 in Iran and through various Iranian Highways to Turkey and onwards Europe. The Highway also has a recent connection to Gwadar.

This National Highway is also a part of Western route for CPEC. It was course for NATO supply as well. Besides, it passes through many towns in Balochistan. Over 150 commercial vans and couches move between the port city of Karachi and Quetta. It is a Major road for connecting the province with the rest of Pakistan.

The RCD Highway is single lane Road running for two ways. Owing to it many accidents occurs where precious lives loss. Particularally, the major spot of the accidents is a curve of the highway in Peeromar Khuzdar causing casualties, especially on days of Eid. This National Highway has been a killer of people for many times but the rate of accidents have increased due to rampant over-population. Despite it N-25 National Highway is a major road of Pakistan but no serious action has been taken by NHA to combat the rise of fatalities, while it is written in bold words in its responsibilities that NHA committed to provide safe, modern and efficient transportation system. Highway in Khuzdar must be double lane two way or separated one ways. Besides, Highway police personnel have to take effective measure on traffic system, so that traffic accidents be minimized.

Ghazala Jabeen Baloch, Khuzdar.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 6, 2018


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