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Letter: Water crisis in Balochistan

Water is one of the most important needs of human being. Life is impossible to be spent on earth without water. It is the need of human beings and animals too.

As far as the water crisis in Baluchistan is concerned, Baluchistan is going to face unexpected drought in the future if water crisis could not be overcome. It is obvious that Baluchistan has mostly been ignored in education and health sector but despite that people have not migrated however, the water crisis might compel them to move to other regions.

 It is worth mentioning fact that the global warming is one of the biggest global issues which has sought international focus. Similarly, the water crisis is also going to get the focus of the international media and politics.

Baluchistan is an agricultural province; most of the people living in the rural areas earn income through agriculture. If water crisis persists, the agriculture sector will also be very badly affected and ultimately will cause unprecedented poverty and people will find no source of income.

The federal and provincial government of Baluchistan must devise policies to save the Baluchistan from the incredible water crisis due to lack of rainfall and dams in Baluchistan.

 Ubaid Zehri, Khuzdar.

 Published in The Balochistan Point on May 7, 2017


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