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Letter: Women education—Key to progress

Women play a vital role in the progress of country and they possess crucial role in the society. A female possesses four features and is very worthy in all her shapes. Without good nourishment of mother, a child is like soulless body. A successful man always succeeds  owing to a wife and a father always likes to share with his daughter and a brother always feels himself secure in his sister’s lap. According to many perspectives, the females are more valuable as compared to males even they are more responsible and sensible than boys if they are given due rights which they deserve.

In the developed countries, females are playing the key role in development of their countries and they work shoulder to shoulder with male. Even females are participating in all walks of life.  And they are beating males in various kinds of physical and educational competitions and proving that they are the best and they can do anything as males can do.

But unfortunately in our country females are degraded and considered to be inferior to males. They are not allowed to get education because it is thought that females should be restricted in the home and have to serve the males. Therefore, female literacy rate is lower than male literacy rate which is one of the greatest hurdles in the progress of the country.

Because of not having proper female educational the system in country the females lag behind in many walks of life. In order to get progress and success in various sectors, policy makers and government must focus on female education on priority basis.

M.Ismail  Gurgunari

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 22, 2018

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