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Children of Balochistan

By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman Childhood is the stage of life that is considered as the most splendid period of time of an individual’s life. Worldwide millions of children are deprived of their fundamental rights and privileges. Either challenged by child labor, separated from loved ones, victimized of abuse, starving from hunger, seeking shelter or quality education. Hence, today half of ...

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Eroding Land and Hazard risks in District Gwadar

By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman  Gwadar as one of the most important districts of the country is imperiled by the land erosion from 2007. Eroding land has troubled particularly the fishermen along with the inhabitants.  Being the longest coast line in country with 600 kilometers, district Gwadar is home to thousands of people and a major hub of fisheries as the ...

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Role of Media in Balochistan

By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman                                           The media is generally referred to various means of communication such as television, radio, newspapers, websites, magazines or books. The term “media” can be used as a collective word for press. From a couple of years, the role of media in Balochistan has been discussed on various TV talk shows, radio channels and newspapers. Still the ...

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Municipality Elections in Gwadar

  By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman   Gwadar, the hub of political ups and downs from the history, today once more is conspicuous with the municipality elections. Only two days of campaigns remain for different participating parties in Gwadar including the two unifications of diverse parties. Coalition of mainly Balochistan National Party and People’s party along with some other minor groups ...

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An Immortalizing March in Baloch History

By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman   An influential attempt for the nation’s abducted missing people’s recovery, commencing in October from Quetta finally reached Karachi in the last week of November. The extensively exhausting journey of 756 kilometers by fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of the either missing or martyred Balochs holding the photos of their loved ones, walking constantly with ...

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