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Warped education system in Balochistan

By: Hammal Mir No society will develop if the most effective component of human civilization is neglected to be provided education. Education is indeed the key to development and modernization of the societies as the great philosopher Aristotle says,  “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”.  Believably, education was the only journey that brought mankind from ...

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Social Action: An absent Practice in Balochistan

By: Hammal Mir Social action is a process that is applied in every developed society and it is a systematic technique to go through the social problems and diagnose their drastic solution. It is an organized group method which is used to solve the problems under this process and public interest is motivated in this procedure or the public is ...

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The Shepherd: A Picture of Balochistan

By: Hammal Mir Every society is full of different problems as many people settle with their mutual needs, desires and creeds in an area. Researchers, writers and other field experts are providing their professional services to facilitate the people and paying heed to solve the existing problem of the society and assist the individuals towards prosperity and ease. Different methods ...

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Balochabad: A film by Shakir Shad

By: Sumaira Aslam Baloch Balochi cinema refers to Balochi film industry in Pakistan, Iran and in Balochi diaspora. Balochi film industry is full of films but most of them are short films and documentary films. As feature films are full length films. Feature films have been dream for the Balochi film industry. There are some feature films but not many. ...

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Deprived Balochi Film Industry

By: ZN Baloch Balochistan,like other provinces of Pakistan has an historical heritage full of messages and teachings. It is a place full of talents but there are only a few who get lucky to showcase their talent. A film, if released, represents the culture, traditions, norms and customs of a relevant nation. It can be called the identity of a ...

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A glance at Balochi films production 

By: Abdul Wahab Buledi Filmmaking is a visual medium to show the culture, tradition, life style, and hurdles of a society or in general of a nation. Cinema plays the role of a mirror in a society. It gives social, political and economic awareness. Cinema has always been a source of entertainment. Through films a nation or a state can ...

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