Depoliticized And Independent Government Organizations

Naseeb Ullah Kakar It is matter of concern for the political leadership of this country to think once for the country’s interest. They must think for the future of this country, the future where they become part of such a history so those generations keep them alive even if they are not alive. For Once they have to think for ...

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Death Penalty In Pakistan

Baloch Khan Death penalty or capital punishment is a deterrent kind of punishment. In  theory Capital punishment is  both passionate and passionless into some extent legally as well emotionally upheld. Throughout the world history this punishment has been hated, assailed and criticized by nearly all nations of the world. The punishment is enforced both in democratic as well as autocratic ...

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Mourning Another Tragedy

Zafarullah Barech Yesterday’s tragedy compelled me to write for the flowers of Pakistan. School auditorium and student’s uniform drenched with red on December 16th, the blossom flowers, their hopes, smiles, lovely and laughter conversations turned droopy. Some were set to ablaze. The little kids who have no cognizance to slew issues, terrorists, militants or anti-state rebellions, were targeted merely as ...

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