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Balochistan Under Siege

The  headline, “Election security: Balochistan braces for surgical operation” in a national daily left me amazed at the deviousness media uses in its reporting of distressing events and issues to make them look completely innocuous, or even praiseworthy. The crafty employment of words and phrases is truly beguiling and lethally effective in constructing or deconstructing opinions and views about issues. ...

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Reko-Diq And Balochistan’s Fate

The Supreme Court of  Pakistan finally turned   Reko-Diq project accord void , which was signed 20 years ago .This project  was signed between  Balochistan government  and Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) a joint  venture between Antofagasta of Chile and Canadian’s Barrick Gold corporation.. This costly project of gold and copper in twenty years could not bring and economic development in Balochistan, ...

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Earthquake devastation in Balochistan

By: Yousaf Ajab Baloch Earthquake in Balochistan has left a great suffering for the people of district Washuk in Maskel city. The recent natural calamity is going to turn in to human made disasters because of no remarkable relief activities. The government authorities have sufficed with only few activities for mitigation of the victim’s suffering. The controversial statements of government ...

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