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Letter: Bribery in the Country

Despite being Islamic country, the law of Holy Book (Quran) is hardly followed, beside that it is present in both constitutions there will not be injustice to any one even there will be a quota for those who are not Muslims. Not to speak of Non-Muslims even the Muslims and its own national People are not being given their rights because of “Bribery”. In Holy Book it is clearly said that the one who pays and the one who receives bribery both deserve to be in hell but no one cares it. Due to this social evil rich People are becoming richer and poor are being poorer day by day. due to the corruption and bribery the merit is being violated. In spite of that we never think about this social problem. I request to everyone please fight against the bribery.

Abbas Khan, Kalat.   

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 16, 2021 

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