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Letter: Greenery Day in Pakistan

Greenery Day is celebrated each year on 4th May across the world and some countries held various festivities such as planting trees and the planting seeds to make their country green. First it was celebrated in 1989 just after the death of Emperor Hirohito to honor his love for plants and nature. Since that year, Greenery Day is held in different countries and planting trees is very much essential to make the country green and healthy. Unfortunately, I have never seen in social media and other resources that Greenery Day is being celebrated in Pakistan.

Our country is lacking plant which is the main reason that we are suffering from climate changes which is alarming for the country as heat wave is killing thousands of people in the country. Last year, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif launched Green Pakistan Program under which it was mentioned that more than 100 million tress will be planted in just five years on thousands of miles of roads and canal sides. Beside this, in 2013 the PTI also announced the Billion Trees Tsunami campaign in KP. But in last few years we have not seen any program where trees have been planted and Prime Minister and PTI have forgotten their promises.

 The international criterion demands that 33 percent of a country should be covered by forests. Unfortunately in Pakistan, less than five percent of the area is covered by forests. Still instead of planting the trees, we are cutting the trees to establish factories and other things. Moreover, the cutting of the tress and not planting new ones is causing serious health issues. Still we are not far we can cover our country with plants. This is the right time for the government to celebrate Greenery Day each year and launch several campaigns in across the country to make Pakistan green and healthy.

Sana Samad, Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 2, 2017

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