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Letter: The miserable condition of library in UoB

No doubt, libraries play paramount role for students and libraries provide opportunities to them to access the books. Libraries are very important in a city where students can calmly study without any disturbance. Being student of University of Balochistan I myself visit there and see the poor condition of library which makes disappoint. Further, where students are facing countless problems because of not having primary facilities and more than ten thousand students are enrolled.  Due to, lack of chairs students are compelled to sit on the floor. Beside this, the worse condition of toilets are molding mega problems for pupils. Therefore, it is humbly requested to the governor of Balochistan to take an immediate action and provide basic facilities to university of Balochistan.

Muhammad Zarif , Kech Hoshab

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 15, 2019

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