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A Memorable Visit Of Iran

Sami Parvez On 11th February, I met with my brother Irfan Obaid to bid him farewell before embarking on my journey to Iran. I started my journey towards Iran in a rented car which I shared with another passenger. My fellow passenger was an Iranian citizen who was returning back to his hometown after conducting some official business in Pakistan. ...

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Unwise Decision: Studying Away From Home

Sami Parvez We have to bring an education revolution in our society. Let’s break this trend which has been created by some unreasonable students who say that we can’t study at our home. When I asked them why? They replied that presence of T.V, mobile and computers at home makes it impossible to study. I say that they don’t know ...

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Another Perspective: Plight Of School Teachers

Sami Parvez  I am writing this article as a rebuttal to Flip Side of the Story: Plight of School Teachers written by Atif Abid. Article-19 of constitution of Pakistan allows every citizen to practice freedom of speech. I used my right as enshrined in constitution of this country, when I raised the issue vis-a-vis private school teachers in my article ...

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Flip Side Of The Story: Plight Of School Teachers

Atif Abid This is in response to the letter of Sami Parvez “Plight of private School teachers”, published in The Balochistan Point on 27th of January 2015. The incident that writer has talked about in that article is not actually what about happened. This point of the writer that the private schools have become the source of business or earning ...

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Local Government Elections: Clear Victory For Balochistan Government Coalition Parties

Exclusive Report Quetta – Last phase of Local Government elections concluded in Balochistan with clear victory for three parties that are coalition members of Balochistan government. First phase of Local government elections took place in Balochistan on 7th December 2013, Second phase on 29th May and Third phase on 31st December. Fourth and last phase was conducted today which was ...

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Letter: Plight Of Private School Teachers

Sami Parvez I am writing this article about an event which happened in a private school in Turbat. First of all, let me share some secrets of private institutions. What is their role in our society and what are they doing?  No doubt, Private schools and other institute owners are looting the Baloch nation. They are becoming rich day by ...

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