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Understanding Corruption, Panama Verdict and Public Celebration

By: Rafi Ullah Corruption is called the abuse and misuse of power, dishonest behavior and misconduct. There are various topologies of corruption including political corruption, administrative corruption, personal corruption and moral corruption. Every one of us is corrupt being implicated in any of the above categories. Eliminating corruption in political level does not mean that society is pristine and immaculate ...

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Causes behind the PMAP fiasco in NA-260

By: Rafi Ullah NA-260 election result was a great shock to Pukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP). It was a thunder storm for the PMAP changing its position from victor to defeated one. What were the reasons behind this failure of PMAP. What lessons are disguised in this defeat for the PMAP and what should it require to do in future ...

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CPEC and challenges ahead

Cartoon by Sabir Nazir for The Friday Times

 By: Rafiullah CPEC, a ray of hope, a game changer, token of strong economy and prosperity, this is all what we know about CPEC. We view the CPEC through the prism of optimism, neglecting the problems attach to it. We are unaware of the myriad challenges in the course of CPEC development. Let us have a fleeting look on the other ...

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Is CPEC a game changer for Balochistan?

By: Rafiullah China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a new hope for the change. Optimists are viewing the project as a recipe for the development and making of Pakistan as an Asian Tiger. Epicenter of the project is the Gwadar, a deep sea port. It is forecasted that the project will yank the poverty stricken province out of the abyss of poverty ...

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Tribalism and weak education system of Balochistan

By: Rafiullah Education is in shabby condition in Balochistan since the inception of Pakistan. According to Pakistan social and living standard measurement survey (PSLM) conducted by Pakistan statistics bureau (PSB), literacy rate of Balochistan has dropped by 3% in the year 2013-2014. 70% girls are dropped out of school. Female literacy rate is 25%. Despite the increment in education budget ...

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Rising Speculations: PM Stops Dr. Malik From Resigning

Ali Raza Rind Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif‘s decision to prevent Dr. Malik Baloch from resigning from his post has created speculations among people. This announcement was made on the same day when National Party central president Hasil Bizenjo addressed a press conference accompanied by Dr. Malik Baloch. In that Press conference they have announced to quit the post of Chief ...

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Karachi Youth Initiative: An Analysis

Hanif Dilmurad Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) is a US funded organization. It has been engaged in Lyari, Sultanabad and Korangi areas since 2012 for promotion of Peace and prosperity, Countering violence and facilitating communication between different localities. Karachi is a city of twenty million people where every area has different mindset. Lack of interaction and communication makes residents of different ...

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Pampered Killers

Sajjad Hussain Changezi  “BALOCHISTAN is barren, it produces nothing”, said my non-Baloch university mates in a friendly discussion we had some years ago in Lahore. “Punjab feeds Pakistan its wheat, NWFP [now Khyber Pakhtun­khwa] energises Pakistan with electricity, Sindh fills our pockets with proceeds from its ports, Kashmir and the Northern Areas [now Gilgit-Baltistan] quench our thirst with their rivers; ...

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Being a journalist in Balochistan

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai Day by day, Balochistan is becoming a battleground for journalists who barely and rarely dare write and report independently. They regularly receive threats from security forces, underground organizations, sectarian organizations, political parties, student associations, etc. These warnings come as a price the journalists have to pay while endeavoring to perform their journalistic duties with honesty in ...

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